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  • 景区介绍
  • 景区介绍

Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province Lichuan County Jingchuan Avenue



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Introduction to scenic area



In the western foot of Wuyishan, there is a narrow stone road winding from Shaowu, peace, through the towering Wuyi Mountains, has been extended to Jiangxi Lichuan. This little stone road, linking the Minjiang River and the Yangtze River two major water systems, but also connected many beautiful old town along the way. Peace to Lichuan, hidden along the beautiful ancient villages in the mountains impressed me. Now looks like a place of remote occlusion, even with such a beautiful ornate building. This forgotten trail, there must be a brilliant past.
Spread the map, drawing a line along the ancient road, you can find that the ancient trail one end of Shaowu, Fujian, one attached to Jiangxi Lichuan. The dusty ancient road is like a silk thread, pulling out a long disappeared group - Jiang You business gang. In the ancient Chinese top ten gangsters, Jiang You Shangbang the earliest rise. "An umbrella burden, ran to Hunan as the boss," Shen Congwen portrayed his eyes on the cloth of Jiangxi. In the two lakes adjacent to Jiangxi and Fujian, Jiangxi businessmen can be seen everywhere. Nearly half of Changsha, Qianzhuang and wholesale trade were in the hands of Jiangxi businessmen. Only the private primary schools run by the Jiangxi people were their own, including Yuzhang, Luling and Zhaowu. Hankou, Jiangxi businessmen operating salt, rice, timber, herbs, cloth and pawn shops and other six lines, medicine is almost monopolized by merchants in Jiangxi. In Fujian, Jiangxi merchants controlled the local tea business, and merchants from Wuyishan, tea growers, tea workers and tea merchants were seen everywhere.
In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Jiang You Business reached its peak. Through the loess Guan Road, the merchants transported the paper and lumber produced in northern Fujian through Wuyishan, transported it to the Yangtze River through the Li River and transported it to the whole country, bringing them to Fujian and Jiangxi provinces The wealth, but also created a bustling Ancient Road along the ancient road.
Spring rainy rain last a little rest, the first day after the rain, I walked into the northern town of Shaowu, the ancient town of peace. In the era of not having a car, it extends an ancient road leading to Lichuan in Jiangxi Province.
As a key node in traffic between Fujian and Jiangxi, Peaceful Old Town has all the prosperous conditions. Three ancient roads to Jiangxi converge here. Trade and commerce have brought "Peace" as the ancient name of "Heping" because of the large area around the ancient city Named after the fertile paddy fields, peace is a paradise for peasants, and the Central Plains clan who have moved to this area has brought advanced culture. Since the Tang dynasty, the business trip traveling south to far has been trading here, settling down slowly and peace has its present size.
From the ancient town of East Gate Tower, I began to recall the history of the ancient town. Because of the affluence of the ancient town, it has repeatedly been looted by bandits. Ming Wanli years, under the auspices of the local gentleman rich households, built this tower and around the ancient town walls. The ancient road from the East Gate into the north gate, in the city into a lively market. Most of the shops on both sides of the street are closed and only a few shops are still insisting on business. From this ancient street, you can reach Dr. Huang. Do not ask for directions, because the doctor's magnificent gatehouse stand out in the low pavement around. The descendants of the Huang family are proud of the glory of their ancestors. An uncle warmly introduced me to the door, magnificent courtyard of three into two hall. "Look at your head, this patio had a roller shutter, the summer heat can be put on summer heat. Know the material of the roller blind? Is the shell." Looking up, there really is a small pulley on the beam, on both sides there Wooden push-pull mechanism. I can not imagine how gorgeous the sun roller blinds are made of polished, translucent shells, and what kind of quality life people have at the time.