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  • 景区介绍
  • 景区介绍

Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province Lichuan County Jingchuan Avenue



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Tickets to buy tickets

Dear tourists:
Welcome to the ancient city of Lichuan, before you buy tickets for more information on ticket purchase. Please consciously line up to buy tickets, pay attention to take good care of their own personal belongings, face to face tickets clear, from the cabinet is not responsible.
Discounted prices
Free policy
1, children under 6 years of age or below the height of 1.2M children can enjoy admission free admission policy, accompanying adults bear the full responsibility for their care.
2, the national elderly over 70 years old, active servicemen, disabled people, retired cadres in Jiangxi Province and the province more than 30 years old teachers with their valid documents free admission admission.
special reminder
1, scenic tickets for one person, the same day effective. Please read carefully after using the Notes on the back of the area, the scenic wickets are required to vote, and each person only a day out of the wicket, be sure to keep your tickets, and reasonable arrangements for the itinerary.
2, scenic open garden time
7: 30-22: 00
Ticket booking time: 7: 30-17: 30
More information on the purchase of the final interpretation of all the Lichuan County in Jiangxi Province.