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Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province Lichuan County Jingchuan Avenue



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Lichuan impression

2019/01/15 11:01
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Lichuan County is under the jurisdiction of Fuzhou City, located in the central east of Jiangxi Province, Wuyi Mountains in the middle of the western foothills, Jiangxi "second porcelain" reputation. Will Xianfeng Rock Springs National Forest Park is the main peak, as the core protected areas, is a paradise for rare animals and plants. Expedition members will be found in Xianfeng a variety of precious plants and animals, such as the world's endangered species of ancient trees, tree species at the national level to protect the fragrant fruit trees. Zhong Xian Ancient Village (now in Tin Village) is located in western Lichuan County, Song Dynasty began to build the village, dating back more than 1,000 years. After years of washing, the ancient village once brilliance will soon disappear in people's memory. However, when you walked into the ancient village and walked through rows of old houses and old lanes, you can still feel the past prosperity of the ancient village through the ruins.

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