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Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province Lichuan County Jingchuan Avenue



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China Red Tourism Promotion Union Secretariat forever Jiangxi Jiangxi Tourism "red" moving the country shine the world

2019/01/15 10:58
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Jiangxi is a fascinating red earth. The cradle of the Chinese revolution - Jinggangshan, the cradle of the People's Army - Nanchang, the cradle of the People's Republic - Ruijin, the cradle of the Chinese workers' movement - Anyuan ... Red Revolution dotted with the red, it can be said that the red resources throughout the vast land, Jiangxi dyed a unique charm of the red land.
In recent years, the red tourism in our province has been booming, but the tourism departments in the province and the red tourist attractions have not met the status quo. Instead, they have been expanding their outlets on the basis of remembered their origins and actively exploring new ways and means for red tourism development. Constantly, the product supply continues to enrich, tourists tend to younger, international, won the market, won the reputation, red tourism, "Jiangxi experience" widespread attention.