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"Four-color" Jiangxi stunning debut Red Fair, Jiangxi tourism for the country to promote

2019/01/15 10:59
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On the evening of November 9, with the wonderful melody of "here is the cradle of red, here is the green home, here is the pale color", the melody over the city of Nanchang in 2017 is "Jiangxi's scenery is unique" in the series of activities of the 2017 China (Jiangxi) Red Tourism Expo. Tourism Promotion officially kicked off. More than 300 tourism sector leaders and news media reporters from 24 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) nationwide attended the event.
"We sincerely invite guests and friends from tourism circle to take a walk and take a look at Jiangxi. We will have a good chance of visiting Jiangxi, knowing Jiangxi and investing in Jiangxi and achieving mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation in development." Ouyang Quanhua, party secretary and director of the Development Committee, said that as the cradle of the Chinese revolution, the cradle of the People's Republic, the cradle of the People's Army and the cradle of the Chinese workers' movement, Jiangxi has been actively responding to the call of the party Central Committee and the State Council and has been making every effort to develop red tourism. Improve the red tourism product system, and actively carry out various forms of red tourism theme activities. In recent years, Jiangxi tourism to maintain strong momentum of development, strong tourism strategy to promote a strong, "Jiangxi landscape is unique" brand sing at home and abroad.